Canvas Bakery

Cartoon Portraits

"When I first saw this painting I just knew I had to have one!"-Tiffany 

"This is neat!!!"-Rashid

"Wow, you are multi-talented! Nice."-Tony

"Thanks Girl!! They loved the painting. I think this tops any gift I have ever given them....even the Ryan Adams tickets! You rock!"-Rhonda

"Cristina! I love this one! I want to buy it for my brother and his wife! My brother is a musician and I think they would LOVE this!"-Amber 

"You Rock Cristina! And Hannah loves her work of art done by you she shows it to everyone. Now I need one for Cade!"-Rhonda

"We absolutely love the painting! Thank you both so much! Rhonda you are right, this is the best gift ever."-Tiffany
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