Canvas Bakery


Miss Clover


Miss Clover loves gardening.  She has discovered that love can grow on trees. She planted enough seeds for all of her friends.  They will receive one of her love trees for their birthday.

Miss Clover is an ocean and a rock away from her sweetheart who awaits for her return.  She had this boat made from all the letters that her love wrote to her while they were apart. They will soon be reunited. 

Sometimes the Moon needs someone to sing him a lullaby.  Miss Clover visits the Moon as often as she can.  They have become best friends.

Miss Clover enjoys shooting stars and is collecting them to give away as Christmas presents for all her friends.


Charlie is a hopeless romantic.  He loves yellow flowers and his red bicycle. He cannot be too careful with the weather so he carries his umbrella wherever he goes.

Charlie is in search for his love.  He catches the train southbound to Italy. He has high hopes she is there waiting for him.


Clementine is a traveler.  She is in search for the perfect companion to keep her company on all her new adventures. 


Jonah loves music.  The whale inspires him to play the accordion out at sea. Jonah's friends look forward to one of his performances.

Through The Trees

These two sweethearts have discovered their favorite place to be.  There is nothing more romantic than riding through the trees with your best friend. 


The perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset is with your best friend in a treehouse.  
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